English Essay 9 | People are never satisfied with what they…

English Essay 9 | Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People are never satisfied with what they have; they always want something more or something different. Use specific reasons to support your answer.

People have interesting personalities and they want to have a lot of things in this life. There is no limit to what they have. However, everything they have loses its attraction some time later. This situation is valid for each of us in my estimation. We start to look for new and different things immediately.

People never make do with what they have and always want more unfortunately. Because they are bored so they can’t adhere to same things long time. Human being is always in a search of finding out new horizons. We continually research about what more can we have. We live in a technological world and the science presents us new technologies on a daily basis.

People want to adopt the new technology for alteration and innovation. Also, they get a rush for it. My own experience will be a good instance for that. I bought a laptop about one and half year ago. I satisfied with it much first times. My all close friends got excited a lot when they saw the notebook. However, I was bored with that sort of product after some time. At the same time, new computer models were coming onto the market in that period. The new devices which had been introduced took my attention. Therefore, I thought that I needed to take a new laptop.

The new and different thing attracts a person anytime. On the other hand, there is a competition in every part of life. We must to use all tools required by technology to be able to compete with our competitors. We should keep ourselves updated whatever our age is. Time never stops and it always changes by far. We can’t break off modern improvements to be able to hold firm in this life.

As a result, I believe strongly that people want more and more different things all the time. Because, this situation prevents us from getting bored. Besides, change is very important for a person to keep alive in technological and competitive world.

English Essay 9