English Essay 14 | In general, people are living longer now…

English Essay 14 | In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon. Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

We live in world of technology. Life has advanced in every part, especially healthcare field. New inventions constantly are shown up in medical area. We can live more than people of the past thanks to this situation.

People spend a more comfortable life through technological tools. Machines have removed manpower in industry sector. For instance, construction workers always have to lift heavy loads in ancient times. For this reason, they were dealing with back pain, slipped disc and various illness. But all those problems go away nowadays by courtesy of automatic machines.

Medical world is progressing day after day. Scientists are researching and they are doing experiments frequently. They found a cure for the many diseases that cause people to die in the past. Each disease has almost a treatment now. All kinds of surgeries are nearly possible at hospitals with the help of medical devices and specialist doctors.

Sport is very important for our body in terms of health. There are sports facilities everywhere these days. People may reach them simply. Besides, eating healthily also plays a serious role in the reduction of the diseases. We can reach all sorts food at the present time. Therefore, our lives is longer than people in the past.

In brief, people in today’s world live longer. The main reasons for this are technological developments in medical world, sports and of eating habits. Especially, people of the past were devoid of medical devices.

English Essay 14