English Essay 1 | A person should never make an important decision alone.

English Essay 1 | Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A person should never make an important decision alone. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Deciding in any subject is accepted very important because it affects state of play. That’s why it is hard and risky to make a decision alone. These decisions can influence someone’s life positively or negatively even they may ruin that person as well. We must understand that how much an issue is important and critical to give a decision. We are usually confused while we take serious decisions alone. I believe that a person should never make important decisions without seeking advice of someone.

A human being is a free and independent individual. People can do any business or another things alone without asking someone else. But, over the centuries most of the people ask one’s advice when they do some works in any topic, so they decide in this way the world over. This situation helps them to make a good decision. For instance, parents decide on behalf of their children on many issues; their education, job, wedding and then some. Experiences in every person’s life are different. Maybe anybody else had a problem we come across. Therefore, receiving an opinion from someone else is the most logical way to solve that problem. Those ideas are going to help us a lot. People in different cultures and age group don’t have same perspectives on any topic. This situation is a very big wealth and advantage for us.

The probability of making mistakes and having failure is low in a collective decision. Making a good decision is very important at every stage of life. To the best of our ability we consult  more people while we take a decision. Thus, alternative solutions will increase, at the same time error rates will be dropped. For example, I always ask for advice those around me about money. When I want to invest or buy something expensive, I don’t rush. I absolutely ask my friends or around people firstly, then I evaluate their opinion so this is how I decide.

In short, before we decide in any subject, we should get from others opinion. Because people are prone to error. Making a decision alone is very risky. We must have an exchange of ideas with those around us. We should make use of their information and experiences.

English Essay 1