Windows 11 language pack download offline

Windows 11 language pack download offline
Windows 11 language pack download offline

Windows 11 language pack download offline | You can also click here. BEST ANDROİD PHONES

Use the Add a language feature to install another language for Windows 11 to view menus, dialog boxes, and supported apps and websites in that language. To do this:

  • Select Start >Settings Time & language Language & region.
    Open Language settings
  • Go to Preferred languages, select Add a language.
  • In Choose a language to install, enter and select the name of the language that you want to install, then select Next.
  • In Install language features, select the features that you want to use, then select Install.

To use Microsoft Office in your preferred language, download an Office language pack

You can download and install any of the following languages in Windows 11.

LanguageNative nameBase language required
AfrikaansAfrikaansEnglish (United States)
AlbanianshqipEnglish (United States)
AmharicአማርኛEnglish (United States) 
ArabicالعربيةAny language
ArmenianՀայերենEnglish (United States)
Assameseঅসমীয়াEnglish (United States) 
Azerbaijani (Latin)AzərbaycanEnglish (United States)
Bangla (India)বাংলা (ভারত)English (United States) 
BasqueeuskaraSpanish (Spain)
Belarusianбеларуская моваRussian
Bosnian (Latin)bosanskiEnglish (United States)
BulgarianБългарскиAny language
CatalancatalàSpanish (Spain)
Cherokee (Cherokee)ᏣᎳᎩ ᎦᏬᏂᎯᏍᏗEnglish (United States)
Chinese Simplified中文(简体)Any language
Chinese Traditional中文(繁體)Any language
CroatianhrvatskiAny language
CzechčeštinaAny language
DanishdanskAny language
DutchNederlandsAny language
EnglishEnglishAny language
EstonianeestiAny language
FilipinoFilipinoEnglish (United States) 
FinnishsuomiAny language
FrenchfrançaisAny language
GaliciangalegoSpanish (Spain)
GeorgianქართულიEnglish (United States)
GermanDeutschAny language
GreekΕλληνικάAny language
GujaratiગુજરાતીEnglish (United States) 
HebrewעבריתAny language
HindiहिंदीEnglish (United States)
HungarianmagyarAny language
IcelandicíslenskaEnglish (United States)
IndonesianBahasa IndonesiaEnglish (United States)
IrishGaeilgeEnglish (United States)
ItalianitalianoAny language
Japanese日本語‫Any language
Kannadaಕನ್ನಡEnglish (United States) 
KazakhҚазақEnglish (United States)
Khmerខ្មែរEnglish (United States)
KonkaniकोंकणीEnglish (United States)
Korean한국어‫Any language
LatvianlatviešuAny language
LithuanianlietuviųAny language
Macedonianмакедонски јазикEnglish (United States)
Malay (Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore)Bahasa MelayuEnglish (United States)
MalayalamമലയാളംEnglish (United States)
MalteseMaltiEnglish (United States)
MaoriTe Reo MāoriEnglish (United States)
MarathiमराठीEnglish (United States)
NepaliनेपालीEnglish (United States)
Norwegian (Bokmål)norsk (bokmål)Any language
Norwegian (Nynorsk)norsk (nynorsk)Norwegian (Bokmål)
OdiaଓଡିଆEnglish (United States)
PersianفارسیEnglish (United States)
PolishPolskiAny language
Portuguese (Brazil)portuguêsAny language
Portuguese (Portugal)portuguêsAny language
Punjabi (Arabic)پنجابیEnglish (United States)
QuechuarunasimiSpanish (Mexico)
RomanianromânăAny language
RussianРусскийAny language
Scottish GaelicGàidhligEnglish (United States)
Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina)српскиEnglish (United States)
Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)српскиSerbian (Latin)
Serbian (Latin)srpskiAny language
SlovakslovenčinaAny language
SlovenianslovenskiAny language
SpanishEspañolAny language
SwedishsvenskaAny language
Tamil (India and Sri Lanka)தமிழ்English (United States)
TeluguతెలుగుEnglish (United States)
ThaiไทยAny language
TurkishTürkçeAny language
UkrainianукраїнськаAny language
UrduاردوEnglish (United States)
UyghurئۇيغۇرچەSimplified Chinese (China)
Uzbek (Latin)O’zbekchaEnglish (United States)
ValencianvalenciàSpanish (Spain)
VietnameseTiếng ViệtEnglish (United States)
WelshCymraegEnglish (United States)

If you represent a government or government agency, a government-affiliated or government-sponsored cultural or language board or institution, or an accredited educational institution, you may redistribute the Pack to validly licensed users of the Software, in the same form as received from Microsoft.

Windows 11 language pack download offline

Windows 11 language pack download offline