Solidworks electrical sql server error

Solidworks electrical sql server error. For all types of SOLIDWORKS Electrical installations, you must ensure that an instance of the SQL Server database is available. You can use an existing SQL Server database if it is already installed on the system, or you can install a new instance as part of the SOLIDWORKS Electrical installation. When you install a new instance of SQL Server, SOLIDWORKS installation provides a free version of Microsoft SQL Server Express. This version is limited to 1 CPU, 1GB of memory and 10GB of data. Memory and CPU limitations are sufficient for 5 simultaneous users.

If you install SQL Server Express Edition, ensure that the server software and hardware meet the listed requirements However, if there are 6 or more concurrent users on the same server, you must purchase and install the full version of SQL Server and follow the workflow described for installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical with an existing SQL Server instance. For information about SQL Server Express Edition, see the Microsoft SQL Server documentation.

If you are installing a new instance of SQL Server, you must have full administrator rights on both the server and all client systems. You must also ensure that clients have read/write privileges to the database so they can create and modify projects, libraries, symbols, and other project data. Choose a different name than the default name when you install a new instance of SQL Server

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