Revit student version limitations

Revit student version limitations | The software is the same everywhere. The only limitation is its usability and functionality. You can only use it if you are a qualified student and to learn.

There is no difference between student and full version. You can get the student version if you qualify, but only for educational purposes. No work done in the educational version can be used in any commercial version or commercial version files. Doing so can land the company or companies in a lot of legal trouble. So keep that in mind. Any work you create in the student version cannot be reused in your business years later. You will have to redo things.

There is no difference between a paid or student license. The student version is for 1 year, can be used for learning/education only and you must be attending a qualifying educational institution to receive a free license.

REVIT Student Edition

Licenses obtained until March 25, 2020 were 36 months old. After that date, Autodesk has switched to a 12-month renewal license model. Students, Trainers and Educational Institutions will be able to have this licensed product free of charge. They can also renew each year as long as they are eligible.

Revit student version limitations