English Essay 4 | In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are…

English Essay 4 | In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

A business has an enormous importance in humans’ lives. Having a good job assure people in terms of future. They feel in a significant position in society. In my opinion, students should work while they also study to have a perfect job.

If students work and study at the same time, they may find a job easier when they graduate. They have knowledge where they want to advance their careers. And they gain experiences in that sector also they get new colleagues. For instance, when I was a student at the university, I started to work as an intern in a factory. I improved myself a lot there. Besides, I won everyone’s appreciation and I proud myself thanks to my knowledge and enthusiasm for work. I was finally noticed by my managers and I got a job offer from them. So, when I graduated from university, my job was ready. It gave me a big morale. My other friends who didn’t work in student life, found a job as well. However, not as soon as they graduate, it took some time.

On the other hand, while students work, they gain important skills to develop as a professional. Students mostly learn only theory at school, they don’t have practices. In this way, newly graduates begin their first job without any experience. Therefore, they feel very stressful and disappointed. The reason is that real working environment and knowledge learned in class are different from each other. Working students are already used to this situation so they are self-confident. For this reason, advantages of working students are more. Besides, those students learn how to manage their time. They know it is difficult to be successful both by studying and working. They make daily plans and follow them often. In this way, they gain experience about time management.

As a result, I believe that teenagers must work while they are still students. Thanks to it, they gain work experiences, find their dream jobs easier and learn the time management.

English Essay 4