Siemens NX CAM Student Version Free Download

Siemens NX CAM Student Version Free Download

Siemens NX CAM Student Version Free Download | Download your FREE NX software, to kickstart your career in design and manufacturing today!

Siemens NX Student Version

  • Comprehensive 3D design tools including solid, surface, wire-frame, and synchronous modeling
  • Full suite of CAM programming tools to program 2- to 5-axis and multifunction CNC machine tools
  • Sophisticated freeform shape modeling, surface continuity, analysis, and visualization tools
  • Supports output to 3D printing formats
  • Model-driven process using integrated software for design, NC programming, and additive manufacturing

Important information about Siemens NX Student Edition

  • Watermarks are added to printed and plotted data, to prevent the NX Student Edition from being used for commercial work.
  • Part files created in NX Student Edition cannot be retrieved in a commercial version of NX, but can be retrieved in the full academic packages available to educational establishments.
  • CAM data is not available for post-processing, and the displayed output of tool path information has limited precision.
  • This software is not available to students under the age of 14. By requesting this download, you certify that you are age 15 or older.

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Siemens NX CAM Student Version Free Download