Twinmotion System Requirements

Twinmotion system requirements | Twinmotion’s system requirements will depend on the complexity of your project and the features you plan to use. Here’s a general overview:

Best laptops for Twinmotion

Twinmotion system requirements

Minimum requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 11/ Windows 10 64-bit version (version 1909 or later recommended)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K or AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, or a CPU with a benchmark score of 1500 or higher
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon RX 580, or a graphics card with at least 6 GB of VRAM and a benchmark score of 10,000 or higher
  • DirectX: 12
  • Disk Space: 30 GB of free space

Recommended requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 11 64-bit version
  • CPU: Intel Core i9-10900K or AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, or a CPU with a benchmark score of 3000 or higher
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 or AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT, or a graphics card with at least 12 GB of VRAM and a benchmark score of 16,000 or higher
  • DirectX: 12
  • Disk Space: 100 GB of free space

Additional notes:

  • A solid-state drive (SSD) is highly recommended for improved performance.
  • You may need more RAM and VRAM if you are working with large or complex projects.
  • Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.

In conclusion, the system requirements outlined above serve as a roadmap for navigating the hardware landscape for optimal Twinmotion performance. Keep in mind that these are minimum and recommended specs, and tailoring your setup to your specific needs and project demands will ultimately be the key to maximizing your creative potential. With the right hardware in hand, you can unlock the full spectrum of possibilities that Twinmotion offers and transform your architectural visions into breathtaking virtual realities.

Twinmotion system requirements 2024

  • Windows 10, 11 (latest update) or macOS (Big Sur or Monterey) is needed.
  • For smooth performance:
    • Aim for a strong processor (like Intel Core i9-13900KS).
    • Get a powerful graphics card with at least 12 GB of memory (VRAM).
    • Have 16 GB of RAM or more.
  • Minimum requirements are lower, but expect slower performance.

Basically, a newer and powerful computer is recommended for a good Twinmotion experience.

Twinmotion GPU requirements

Twinmotion’s GPU requirements depend on the complexity of your project and the rendering engine you’re using. Here’s a general breakdown:


  • 4GB of VRAM for DirectX 11 rendering
  • 6GB of VRAM for Vulkan rendering (AMD Radeon RX 570 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or better)


  • 8GB of VRAM for Path Tracer rendering (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 or better)
  • 12GB of VRAM for complex projects or high-resolution rendering (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 or better)

Additional factors to consider:

  • Project size and complexity: Larger and more complex projects will require more VRAM.
  • Number of textures: High-resolution textures will also eat up VRAM.
  • Rendering resolution: Rendering at higher resolutions will require more VRAM.
  • Multiple GPUs: Twinmotion supports up to two NVIDIA GPUs using SLI, which can significantly improve performance.

Here’s a table summarizing the GPU requirements for different use cases:

Use CaseMinimum VRAMRecommended VRAM
Small project, DirectX 114GB8GB
Small project, Vulkan6GB8GB
Medium project, Path Tracer8GB12GB
Large project, Path Tracer12GB16GB+

Twinmotion system requirements Mac

Small or Medium Projects:

  • macOS 12+
  • Good CPU (i7-7700+)
  • 16GB RAM
  • At least 6GB Dedicated Graphics Card

Large or Complex Projects:

  • macOS 12+
  • Super Strong CPU (i9-13900K+)
  • 64GB+ RAM
  • Beefy Graphics Card (12GB+ Dedicated)

Twinmotion Path Tracer requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 1809 or later. Currently, Path Tracer is not supported on macOS.
  • Graphics Card:
    • Any NVIDIA RTX graphics card.
    • AMD RX 6000 series or higher graphics cards.

Additional Recommendations:

  • CPU: While there is no official minimum requirement, a powerful CPU is recommended for faster rendering times. An Intel Core i9 or AMD Ryzen 7 series processor would be ideal.
  • RAM: 16 GB or more. More RAM will allow you to work with larger and more complex scenes.
Operating SystemWindows 10 1809
Graphics CardNVIDIA RTX or AMD RX 6000 series
CPUNot specified (powerful recommended)

Note: Path tracing is a demanding rendering process, so even if your system meets the minimum requirements, you may experience slow render times for complex scenes. Upgrading your hardware will improve performance.