English Essay 8 | Some people like doing work by hand…

English Essay 8 | Some people like doing work by hand. Others prefer using machines. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The life is progressing quickly every passing day. At the same time, the technology develops too fast as well. Those technological advancements have changed our lives significantly. People are using technological tools to solve their problems from now on. Because, we can economize from time and energy thanks to them. Making use of power of machines is extremely important in this respect.

In my opinion, working with machines is much easier, faster, and more convenient. People used to work by hand. Since, there were no machines back then. In the same breath technology hadn’t improved too. However, there are all kinds devices at the present time. Then, we don’t have a reason to not to use them. Actually, each of us is dependent on machines in life. We use them on a daily basis whether we are aware of them or not. Also, we are satisfied with them immensely, I will example the reason the following paragraph.

There is a washing machine to wash the clothes in everyone’s home. Most of us do the dishes by using the dish washer. We prefer a microwave oven to cook or heat our food. There are machines in every division in life and they ease our jobs a lot. If they weren’t exist how would our lives be, I don’t even want to think. If the computer wasn’t invented or devices such as scanners and printers how would we do our office works I wonder that. But people used to do all WORKS by hand about 50 years ago. They were using papers instead of the computers. Therefore, offices had large storage spaces because of papers and files. However, it is almost possible to fit all our data into a small chip nowadays. So, machines have made our lives easier incredibly.

To sum up, people do their tasks through machines in general. No one wants to do by hand because this is so tiring and a long job. If we want to save up both time and energy, we shouldn’t get technological tools out of our lives.

English Essay 8