English Essay 19 | If you could invent something new…

English Essay 19 | If you could invent something new, what product would you develop? Use specific details to explain why this invention is needed.

If I could invent a new thing that would be a flying car probably. A car is a big need at the present time. It is very important to develop it further as for me.

Cars play a significant role in daily activities. People are using them everywhere such as going to work or shopping. Although there are public transports, people prefer to use their own vehicles for transportation. This situation causes a big traffic jam especially at rush hours. A flying car will be a perfect invention to solve such problems.

People can save time thanks to flying cars. We spend too much time on a daily basis in a traffic jam. We may prevent the waste of time with those vehicles. At the same time, productivity will be increased in this way. People can spend quality time with their loved ones. Besides, I believe that driving pleasure in the sky is going to be incredible. This new way, will be an exciting situation for everyone. Because, people are tired of traffic and road.

To summarize, if I invented a new thing, I would use my preference for flying cars. They have a big place in human lives. Therefore, I would like to enhance and change them.

English Essay 19