English Essay 12 | Some people are always in a hurry to go…

English Essay 12 | Some people are always in a hurry to go places and get things done. Other people prefer to take their time and live life at a slower pace. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The life is happening too fast at the present time and it is too short. We have to enjoy every second of our lives. Therefore, we need to evaluate our time in a good way. I usually prefer living the life more slowly.

It provides us a big convenience us to plan and organise our work ahead of time. So, we make mistake less in this way. Because we can forget some things when we rush. However, it seems pretty hard to do these tasks with no problems. Living fast has surrounded each part of our lives, for instance fast food, fast transport, jabber, and short holidays. When we do those we cannot take pleasure in life unfortunately.

People always hurry up to reach their aims because there are too many competition in the global. We must interact with our family and friends more. We should spend a quality time with them. Besides, some people nearly don’t have any time for their hobbies. Doing extra activities calms the mind and reduces stress. For this reason, people should slow their fast life down and spare the time for themselves.

As a result, the life is so short and uncertain. It is not possible to know what we will happen tomorrow. We have to do something that will make us happy. Running constantly and doing things in haste harm us.

English Essay 12