AutoCAD 2022

AutoCAD 2022
AutoCAD 2022

AutoCAD 2022 is a version of the popular computer-aided design (CAD) software developed by Autodesk. Released in March 2021, it brought several new features and improvements aimed at enhancing productivity and efficiency for architects, engineers, designers, and drafters.

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Some of the key features and enhancements in AutoCAD 2022 include:

  1. Trace: This feature allows users to bring in PDFs or images and trace over them directly in AutoCAD, simplifying the process of converting sketches or scanned drawings into CAD geometry.
  2. Count: AutoCAD 2022 introduced a new Count feature that enables users to quickly count blocks or geometry within a drawing, streamlining quantity takeoffs and material estimations.
  3. Share: The Share feature facilitates collaboration by allowing users to share their drawings directly from within AutoCAD, simplifying the process of sending files for review or collaboration.
  4. Push to Autodesk Docs: With this feature, users can publish their AutoCAD drawings directly to Autodesk Docs, Autodesk’s cloud-based document management platform, making it easier to manage and share project documentation.
  5. Improved DWG compare: AutoCAD 2022 enhanced the DWG compare feature, making it easier to identify differences between two versions of a drawing and facilitating the reconciliation of changes.
  6. Floating windows: AutoCAD 2022 introduced floating windows, allowing users to detach certain panels, such as the Properties palette or the Layer Manager, and move them to a second monitor for improved multitasking and workflow customization.

These are just a few of the highlights of AutoCAD 2022. Overall, the release focused on improving collaboration, productivity, and ease of use for AutoCAD users across various industries.