Work from home jobs – was good at first, then it turned into a nightmare

Work from home jobs – was good at first, then it turned into a nightmare. Quarantine starting with Covid-19; brought his work life home. Those working from home were initially happy to save time lost in traffic and to work in a comfortable environment. However, problems soon arose. First, the workload increased disproportionately. Later, problems such as economic, health, education of children were added to this. Many of the people we spoke with; He is both tired and unhappy with the mixing of his home life and work life.

“15 people from a class of 40 attend the class” Zühal Bişkin (38) – Teacher

Education is one of the most painful topics. Zühal Bişkin is 38 years old, a single mother. English teacher at Atakent Selçuk Paker Anatolian High School. He sums up the gravity of the situation by saying, “From a class of 40 students, 15 attend the class.” “Participation is very low. Due to internet problem, if there are three children at home, one cannot connect when one enters. Participants lack motivation. I can teach actively with three or four students. This is the first time I see the teaching profession so empty. I cannot make eye contact with children. Our motivation dropped unbelievably. I know I was talking to myself for 5 minutes. We beg the children to say something. While I was teaching a week-long subject in four lessons at school, I am currently teaching the same subject in 12 lessons.” The situation at home is also bad: “When my son is connected to the lesson, I drop out of the lesson. My breaks are 10 minutes. I am controlling my son at the time. I get up early in the morning and prepare three meals a day. When the lessons are over, I clean the house, do the shopping and help the child with his homework. I sit at night and research how my students can understand more easily. There is so much load that I am incredibly tired. My son also gained a lot of weight. His only social activity is playing computer games. When I am in class, he shouts ‘Mom bring water’, ‘Mom, I’m hungry’. I started using glasses because I was constantly looking at the computer. My migraine has increased. There was backache.”

“I work until 2-3 am” Esra (39) – Financial Affairs Officer

Esra, who is the financial officer of a holding, is 39 years old and describes working at home with her two children as follows: I am running away from home right now. In any case, I started going to the office. I cannot work at home. I’m divided by a thousand. The child has a problem every day. During the meeting, she suddenly starts crying. I work until two or three a.m. I’m trying to deal with it this way because the workload has increased so much. Believe me, during the first quarantine until June, I wanted to disappear. My wife’s workload was lighter, she was supportive. We returned home in September, the same problems continue, but now I’m running away from home. The caretaker is interested. Working at home should never be permanent. Working from home is not possible.”

“They say go out and work outside” Samet Kayıkçı (29) – Software Developer

Software developer Samet Kayıkçı is 29 years old, single. “I don’t have to worry about traffic, what to wear tomorrow, hair and beard. I work from bed. But I don’t have a working environment at home. I got back pain from working at the dinner table. Internet is not enough. The workplace does not cover the costs. I was treated like a criminal because my internet was down. It’s called working outside. There is a virus and go work outside, okay! If you provide uninterrupted internet, I thought I’d take the responsibility, we discussed it. They didn’t even give a phone call.”

“The fight is not missing” Özlem Tavlu (39) – Head Hunter

We continue with Head Hunter Özlem Tavlu Tosuner. Tosuner is 39 years old, who is married and has one child. “My son’s exam period. Cleaning the house and cooking constantly is challenging. Even though I used to work from home, I had a discipline. I was not accustomed to setting and clearing a table for three meals. It creates tension. Our arguments and fights are not lacking. They’re both men and it’s me. Everyone is waiting for the house to be fixed with a magic wand. I have to warn you, ‘Raise your plate, get your glass’. While I was interviewing, my son came and said, ‘Mom, the screen is frozen, the internet is down, I’m hungry, when will the meal be?'”

“It is not humane to work from inside the house all the time” Tuğba Şisik (38) – Manager

While these are the increasing costs and complaints of those working with the home working system, what was the situation of the managers? We hear from Tuğba Şisik, 48, Zyxel Networks Country Manager: “I consider myself lucky that there are no children. Our friends are having a hard time because of this. Since we are a company that prepares the infrastructure of digitalization, no one had any difficulties in terms of technical infrastructure. We were able to attract everyone, including the Call Center, to the house. Productivity increased, but people became very unhappy. Working from home is not that. This system is permanent. But not this way. We will implement the flexible working system. People will have the opportunity to work from wherever they want, unless they have to, meeting, work in the office. Working from inside the house all the time is not humane. My wife and I managed the process very well. I already had a study room. My wife was in a separate place and I continued our business without any problems. But for those with children, it was very bad. At first, we had late meeting in panic. Then I saw that people are starting to get into each other’s space too much, I introduced working from home rules. No one will call each other between 12 and 13 noon. No e-mail will be sent after 18 pm unless it is very important. We have made a rule for coffee and tea breaks and not to call each other unless there is a crisis. We have not withheld any payments to which employees are entitled. That’s why we didn’t raise an additional budget. Meal cards, road tolls deposited. From work chairs to buying a big screen, their equipment has been moved into their homes. What affects us is the disappearance of socialization in the office. Communication is very important to me. I tried to call everyone. In the meantime, a chocolate and flowers were sent to their house. Special days were celebrated. Integrations never take the place of face-to-face communication. Working in the office out of traffic is always better to keep communication intact.”

Work from home jobs

Work from home jobs – was good at first, then it turned into a