inventor 2023 sprache ändern

inventor 2023 sprache ändern
inventor 2023 sprache ändern

inventor 2023 sprache ändern

Language Switching

The Windows Start menu provides the main way to launch the Autodesk product in another language, as separate shortcuts are listed for all installed languages.

The general product launch icon on the desktop, without a specified language, behaves differently in AutoCAD and Inventor.

General desktop icon

For AutoCAD, this icon always launches the original language in which the product was installed. For Inventor, this icon launches the current language, which is the language last used. Similarly, opening an Inventor file always starts the current language version. When Inventor is launched from a language-specific Start menu shortcut or desktop icon, that language becomes the current language.

Switching Languages in Autodesk Inventor

When Inventor is launched by a language-specific Start menu shortcut, that becomes Inventor’s current language. Launching Inventor from the generic Desktop Shortcut or by launching an Inventor file from Windows Explorer will always start Inventor in this current language. To set another language current, launch Inventor using that language’s specific Start Menu shortcut.

If the desired language is not available in the Start menu, download and install the language pack.

You can also:

  • Choose a Start menu shortcut for each language you have installed to override the last run, or current language or
  • Choose an optionally created Desktop shortcut for each language you have installed to override the last run language.

You can modify the Target line of the Inventor launch icon to always launch in a specific language by adding a switch (/language) and 3 letter language code. For example, to set the default language to French, configure the Target line as follows:

“C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor [release]\bin\Inventor.exe” /language=FRA

“C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor LT [release]\bin\Inventor.exe” /language=FRA

To specify a language at the command line, you must first have downloaded and installed that language pack from the above URL.

The three-letter language codes for all languages are:

  • English – ENU
  • Simplified Chinese – CHS
  • Traditional Chinese – CHT
  • Japanese – JPN
  • Czech – CSY
  • French – FRA
  • German – DEU
  • Italian – ITA
  • Korean – KOR
  • Polish – POL
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) – PTB
  • Russian – RUS
  • Spanish – ESP

How to add a Language Pack to an Inventor deployment

Standard Method

The standard method for deploying multiple languages of Inventor is:

  1. Create the deployment for Inventor using the Inventor installation media.
  2. Create one or more Inventor Language Pack deployments using the Language Pack installer.

The target line from the language pack deployment shortcut can easily be appended to a deployment script in most network management tools such as Microsoft’s SCCM. This can enable unattended and efficient multi-language Inventor deployments in even the largest enterprise networks

How to add a Language Pack to an Inventor deployment

Advanced Method

As an alternative, you can combine Inventor and LP deployments together. This method enables the configuration of a single Inventor deployment to support users in a global enterprise while providing the flexibility to easily exclude certain languages from certain distributions.

This method is an advanced technique and requires manually editing sensitive installation files. For most users it is strongly advised to install Inventor and its language packs sequentially from their own deployments.

  1. Copy the target language pack to your deployment folder.
    • Locate your standalone language pack folder and copy the local language pack folder (for example: zh-CN or de-De):
      • …\YOUR_CHS_SETUP_STANDALONE_LP\x86(x64)\zh-CN
      • …\YOUR_DEU_SETUP_STANDALONE_LP\x86(x64)\de-DE
    • Locate your deployment folder and paste the target language pack folder to the deployment folder:
      • …\your_deployment_name\Img\x86(x64)\…
    • Note that the target language pack folder and default language pack folder are under the same folder ( en-US and zh-CN or de-DE).
  2. Modify the .ini file and add the target language pack to the deployment installation.
    • Locate YOUR_DEPLOYMENT_NAME.INI file in the following location: …\your_deployment_name\Img\…
    • Open YOUR_DEPLOYMENT_NAME.INI in a plain text editor, and add the target language pack to the POSTREQUISITE section for Inventor. The following is an example for adding the Chinese language pack and German language pack:POSTREQUISITE=LWS_DESKTOPCONNECTSERVER;LWS_GUIDEDTUTORIALPLUGIN;LWS_INVENTORTUTORIALS;CONFIGURATOR360ADDIN;DWGTRUEVIEW;INVENTOR_LANGPACK_CHS; INVENTOR_LANGPACK_DEUNote: The name (for example, INVENTOR_LANGPACK_CHS) must be same as entered in Step 2. Use a semicolon to separate each name.
    • Go to the Postrequisite definition section in YOUR_DEPLOYMENT_NAME.INI and add the target standalone language pack definition after DWGTRUEVIEW definition. The following is an example for adding the Chinese language pack and German language pack (in bold):Postrequisite[DWGTRUEVIEW][INVENTOR_LANGPACK_CHS]PLATFORM=NATIVEPRODUCT_NAME= Autodesk Inventor [release] Language Pack – Simplified ChineseEXE_PATH=%platform%\zh-CN\INV\inventorlp.msiEXE_PARAM=STANDALONE_LP=1LOG=%tmp%\Inventorlpchs[release]Install.log[INVENTOR_LANGPACK_DEU]PLATFORM=NATIVEPRODUCT_NAME= Autodesk Inventor [release] Language Pack – GermanEXE_PATH=%platform%\de-DE\INV\inventorlp.msiEXE_PARAM=STANDALONE_LP=1LOG=%tmp%\Inventorlpdeu[release]Install.logNote: Refer to the following for additional details:[INVENTOR_LANGPACK_CHS] – Use the local abbreviation as the suffix of the section name, for example: CHS, ENU, DEUPRODUCT_NAME= Autodesk Inventor [release] Language Pack – Simplified Chinese – Enter the target language name here.EXE_PATH=%platform%\zh-CN\INV\inventorlp.msi – The language name (for example, zh-CN) and the path must be the same as entered Step 1.EXE_PARAM=STANDALONE_LP=1 – Do not remove this line. It is a requirement for the installation. Your installation will fail if you remove this line.LOG=%tmp%\Inventorlpchs[release]Install.log – Use the local abbreviation in the log file name.
    • Save and close YOUR_DEPLOYMENT_NAME.INI file.
  3. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2, to include additional language packs to your deployment installation.

inventor 2023 sprache ändern